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The Mackenzie Mountains of NWT cover a vast stretch of absolutely wild and untouched land (54.000 square miles or 34.6 million acres), running east of the Yukon border, west of the Mackenzie River, unfolding their breathtaking beauty from the BC border to the northern tundra that sweeps on into the Arctic Ocean.

There are no roads, no towns or villages, no year around residents and no resident hunters. This is a primordial land that has not changed since Alexander Mackenzie explored the mighty river that now bears his name. Hunting in the Mackenzie's is therefore a wilderness experience in its truest form and while your eyes follow wild mountain ranges that loose themselves in the horizons, the game you pursue will wonder about your unknown presence, will be unaware of the existence of man.

The Mackenzie Mountains of NWT were first opened to non-subsistence hunters, in other words to trophy hunters, in 1965. Since then this part of the world has become world-renowned for providing a high quality wilderness hunting experience, particularly for Dall's sheep.

Currently there are eight outfitters who are licensed by the Government of NWT to provide big game outfitting services within the Mackenzie Mountains, NWT. Under the terms of the NWT Wildlife Act each licensed outfitter has the exclusive right to provide outfitting services within their zone.

All non-residents (people who have not resided in NWT for at least one year) must use the services of an outfitter and must be accompanied by a licensed guide at all times while hunting.

Non-resident hunters have to be at least 12 years of age, have to purchase a hunting license and can hunt one each of the following big game species a year: one Dall Ram (at least curl horns), one woodland caribou of either sex, one moose of either sex, one mountain goat of either sex, one wolf of either sex, one wolverine of either sex and one black bear adult not accompanied by cub(s).

Around 330 non-resident hunters come to the Mackenzie Mountains annually. These hunters, and with them the outfitters, bring a significant amount of money and also business into NWT and distribute it to individuals, businesses and governments. The hunting outfitting industry in the Mackenzie Mountains also provides employment for about 100 to 120 outfitters, guides, pilots, camp cooks, camp helpers and horse wranglers. Meat from many of the harvested animals is given to a number of local communities where it is distributed among local elders and residents as well as health/long term care facilities.

AMMO has always had a good working relationship with the Government of the Northwest Territories. We take our responsibility as wildlife stewards very seriously and it is in our collective best interest to properly manage and protect our areas. AMMO has directly contributed and secured many dollars for Economic and Natural Resources (ENR) wildlife studies over the years. The Non-Resident Hunting Preservation Fund (NRHP Fund) was established several years ago so that we could take a pro-active role to help ensure that non-residents will continue to have the opportunity to hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains.

All our outfits are run as family businesses. Our dedication, our love for the lifestyle we choose, our total commitment to the game we hunt is the key to a great hunting experience for you.


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